Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Win-Win Situation and Thankful thoughts.

On Saturday I went to a sports bar in Seattle with a group of friends from the singles ward to watch the BYU vs. Utah football game. We had a few Utes among us, but fortunately they didn't detract too much from the atmosphere. This was an interesting game because I think that fans of both BYU and Utah should be satisfied with the outcome. For Utah, winning was more than they could have asked for, and a blocked field goal just sweetened the end. For BYU, the fact that they were able to dominate Utah, a team that has been ranked all season, for more than three quarters was quite a shock. Things are finally starting to click for BYU and on that day they were the better team, but sadly there were about four unlucky things that happened in the last few minutes that changed the outcome. Thus, for the first time in years BYU and Utah have found some measure of mutual satisfaction. Here is a picture of all us feeling very mediocre after the game. I feel awkwardly tall.

It's the Thanksgiving time of year so it seems appropriate to say some things that I'm thankful for:
- A job that I like
- Being able to be back at home
- Cheering for BYU. Even if they lose you still feel good about it.
- Dates that go well
- Eating whatever I want. In most places they're grateful just for food!
- Facebook
- Getting messages on facebook from a girl who I've never met, yet still have a small crush on
- Hugs
- Intense late night scooter rides
- Justin Bieber
- Killing time in the Cabana at Cafe West in Provo
- Love
- Missionaries, I've started teaching some lessons with them and it's quite fun.
- Never say never
- Opening presents on Christmas
- People watching
- Quilts, I don't care much about them, but they're important to my mom!
- Rain
- Snow, Snowmobiling, Snow Days
- Tennis
- U, as in you...
- Vick, Michael - He's proving to the world that people can change.
- Windows, not the Microsoft trademark, the ones you look through
- X-Rays. So you can find out if you have broken bones
- Young single adult ward
- Zurg, from Toy Story


  1. You're not awkwardly tall...they're just all awkwardly short. :)
    And it took me a few minutes to realize that your thankful list was alphabetically. The only thing that got me to notice was evil Emperor Zurg, which is an awesome thing to be thankful for.

  2. kinda sad football didnt make the list :(

  3. Definitely should've put football instead of facebook. I don't know enough about blogging to change that though.