Thursday, November 11, 2010

23 cent water

Today was Veteran's Day so as a federal employee I didn't have to work. I went up to the cabin last night and enjoyed eating nachos and other healthy snacks and watching one of my favorite movies, "The Mighty Ducks". This morning was quite cold so we didn't do too much before coming home, but I did get in a quick ride on the mini bike and we also had a bonfire, mostly fueled by lighter fluid so it only lasted about 5 minutes.
On the way home we stopped in North Bend at the Dairy Freeze (Not to be confused with the Daley Freeze in Payson, which is much better). I got an average quality hamburger and good onion rings. I asked for water, which is generally free at most places, but when I got my receipt I noticed I had been charged 23 cents for my water. What a rip.

Also the outlets in North Bend aren't very good. I did get a reversible belt for $14.00, but I'm pretty sure that isn't a really good deal. It's Nautica though so people will assume I'm a sailor when I wear it. That's cool because I do sail, so that would be a correct assumption.

Blogging is fun. It probably feels similar to how the guys who used to do TV shows on iprovo felt. You assume that nobody is watching but you never know, there could be someone with a broken TV who watches your show everyday because it's on one of the two channels they get.

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  1. My computer is broken, and this is one of the two websites I get.