Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Camera

The Shadow of Bryce finally breaks his silence. I bought a new camera a few weeks ago and I've loved learning to take more professional pictures and especially being able to take high quality video. Today I played tennis with my friends Mike and Donny so I decided to also film a little bit and do an experiment with slow-mo. I think it looks pretty suave so I'm excited to use this feature in the future. Here's the video and a picture I took at the top of Poo-Poo Point...real name - promise I didn't just make it up - see: The lake in the distance is Lake Sammamish.

And here is the video of Donny and Mike playing tennis. The song in the background is one of my favorites. It's from a Starbucks commercial, but I think it's still ok to listen to. Make sure you watch in HD for the full effect, (switch the 360 to 720)