Saturday, February 26, 2011

My name is Bryce and I'm a Mormon

So, I commented to someone the other day that I thought the "...and I'm a Mormon" videos were really cheesy. I don't remember who it was that I had talked to so I feel the need to make a public withdrawal of that statement with the hope that this person reads my blog. When I made my disparaging comment about the videos I had only watched three videos, one of which was less than stellar. I decided that to form an accurate opinion I should watch more videos. It turns out that after watching more than 20, there is still only one that I didn't like. Here it is:
Please notice the awkward 15 second delay before he says anything. Also my favorite line "my mobile camera on my mobile phone..." Here it actually is:

I'm sure this guy does relate to somebody...maybe the Microsoft type? There are actually several really good videos though and I recommend watching all 41 if you get the chance. I've only made it about halfway so far but some favorites include:
Josh Maready-Skateboarder/Photographer
Rob/Tracie Morris-NFL Player and his wife
Valentin Pavia-Recent Convert/Rehabilitated Teen/Sweet Chopper-style bicycle rider
and my absolute favorite video was this one - mostly because it almost made me cry:

If I had a video it would say, I'm a blogger, I'm a baller, I'm a dancer, I'm a musician, I'm a composer, I'm a friend, and I'm a Mormon. For more info check out: