Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome to my blog.

Well, If you know me, and I hope you do since you're reading my blog, I'm moving on with my life and will be moving back to Washington for a new job and to finally be reunited with my family.

Because I will be away from so many of you with whom I've become so close over the past several years, I've decided to create a blog to keep you aware of what happens in my life. I will also probably post well thought out perspectives on current issues facing our society and my theories on life in general. Please become my follower and join the shadow troopers of Bryce.

Just so you know, this blog will probably have nothing to do with shadows, troopers, or anything to do with the dark side. I pledge to keep this blog G-rated and welcome the readership of your children and other small friends.

In fact, my first post will end with a plug for the movie that I plan on watching tonight: High School Musical 3. I first saw it with my friend Ty (last name o
mitted to preserve PR cred) on opening night at midnight nearly 2 years ago! We do have a valid excuse though...we went with girls, one of whom I thought I wanted to date. Here is a picture of us just moments before going to the opening night showing of HSM 3.

Anyway, it's a great movie with fun songs, annoying songs, and a pretty good message. Plus I really like the scene when the little kid versions of Zac Efron and Corbin Bleu are dancing in the junkyard. We were probably the only gentlemen above the age of 16 in attendance.

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